Valentine’s Day and Lucky Numbers #crazychina

When living in China, you regularly come across lucky characters and numbers. Remember when Chinese officials made a deliberate choice to start Olympic celebrations on August 8, 2008 at 8.08 pm based on the fact 8 is a lucky number.

I have caught today another example of that for Valentine’s Day: a special gift of 999 tulips delivered to your partner in a Porsche for only 1314 RMB (160 euros). First, it looks like a scam. But you will definitely make a terrific deal as it is only 13 percent of the regular price of 9999.


And here’s the reason why: lucky numbers.

  • "9" is pronounced the same as "forever", making "999" sounds as "Forever & Ever". As an example, thousands of couples got married on September 9, 2009 all over China “hoping that this day will bring them luck and eternal love”. Even last year, a Chinese couple celebrated their wedding with a dress made of 9999 real roses.
  • "1314" (pinyin “yi san yi si”) is also a lucky combination of numbers as its pronounciation is really close to the common expression “one life, one lifetime” (pinyin yi sheng yi shi).

If you are living in China, I think you should quickly order this gift here. In the meantime I strongly advise others to check lucky and unlucky numbers before coming to 中国.