The Record Breaker

Ashrita Furman is the man who has broken the most Guinness World Records of all time. Here’s his life story. A pretty inspiring film which shows to everyone how a life full of simple achievements can bring happiness

Are QR codes in China the 21st century’s Simon & Garfunkel?


Here’s a story you might not be familiar with unless you are fond of folk music. American folk duo Simon & Garfunkel were considered as rising stars at the start of their music career: they had just sold in 1957 a few 100,000 copies of their first EP “Dancin’ Wild” and reached #49 on the Billboard chart. The duo was then praised by the critics but went to college and stopped singing. In 1964 they released their first LP record Wednesday Morning 3 AM which was unsuccessful and ignored by most music fans at the time of the Fab Four was spreading over the US. This could have been the end of the story, resulting in an unseen split up unless their producer had taken the opportunity to change the game. A few months later, Tom Wilson dediced to overdub the original track “Sound of Silence” into a folk rock by adding electric guitar and bass plus drums. Wilson did not notify Simon & Garfunkel of the remix: the song became a hit, reaching #1 on charts and bringing the band back in the spotlight. 

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Research shows that Chinese consumers value honesty more than price

"Research by Cohn & Wolfe among 3,000 consumers in the UK, the US and China has revealed that Chinese respondents rate a company’s honesty as more important than price or product quality. In addition, consumers in China are more active seekers of information about brands and more likely to get angry with brands that fall short on issues like sustainability and safety. At the same time, however, Chinese consumers are more likely to believe big businesses are generally honest and open." Via Campaignasia

Great view of agency concepts !

What if agency concepts could talk? Oh, the things they would say… ‘The Wall’ is a short video that gives a voice to creative concepts.